It all starts with a pen (1998, 1999)

When I was at school I got so fascinated by an edition of Aesop’s fables for kids to the point I started creating my own ones. My life from that day has been a continuous, playful experimentation with words.

In 2001 a Literature teacher read one of my short stories and she strongly encouraged me to never quit writing. I was 15 then, and I haven’t stopped since.

For years I worked as a freelance journalist, but I’ve also been a languages teacher, a saleswoman and a travel hostess, among other things. Every single experience has enriched my personality in an unique way—what I like most is people, new landscapes and solving problems.

In 2017 I decided I’d focus on writing and helping other writers by becoming not only a professional proofreader, but also a publisher’s reader qualified to analyse drafts.

I’m fiercely proud of being 95% self-taught (the 5% comes from a couple of writing workshops), and my goal is learning how to use my voice as it comes from within. Technique-wise I usually just stick to two rules: be honest with my feelings and trust my intuition when I have a hunch but I’m struggling with the structure.

I love wild voices, and an essay by Clara Janés triggered my favourite subject ever: What does ‘writing like a women’ mean. I have been nurturing that obsession during the recent years and that’s why I read female authors by default.

My first book was a poetical experiment (get your copy here) released in 2020. I’m currently shapening a novel, but this is a sine die project.

I daydream with founding a bookstore cafe, and often promise myself I’ll go for it at some point. In the meantime I read to trace the ingredients of the good narrative—that’s what we all are at the end, stories and nothing else.