As far as I can remember, my life has always been a continuous, playful experimentation with words. I started writing my first short stories when I was at school and haven’t stopped since.

I usually carry pen and paper with me and I love long, old-fashioned letters and postcards. When I travel I like to get new notebooks from different places and I write a bit on them every day, with no exception.

I’m fiercely proud of being basically self-taught and my goal is learning how to use my voice as it comes from within. Technique-wise I usually just stick to two rules: be honest with my feelings and trust my intuition when I have a hunch but I’m struggling with the structure.

Some years ago an essay by Clara Janés triggered my favourite subject ever: What does ‘writing like a woman’ mean? I have been nurturing that obsession since then and that’s why I read female authors by default.